Distillerie NUSBAUMER

23 Grand Rue
+33 3 88 57 16 53

Located in Alsace in the heart of Val de Villé, Jos distillery. Nusbaumer succeeds in the purest tradition of the country, the whole range of prestigious eaux-de-vie and liqueurs of the soil.

Thanks to its continental climate, hot summers and harsh winters, the Val de Villé produces fruit of a particularly good quality for the production of eaux-de-vie.

In his museum, in an exceptional setting, the Jos distillery. Nusbaumer will make you discover its fabrications. The tasting of eau-de-vie, liquor or aperitif that will be proposed to you, will allow you to better know the local specialties and to appreciate still more the authentic products of the soil.

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La Distillerie Jos. Nusbaumer

The art of distillation does not exclude modernization. While rational equipment and clean, clean premises have favorably influenced the practical side, ancestral techniques have been jealously preserved.

They begin at the harvest by a methodical selection of the fruits, a rigorous cleanliness of the vats in which the fermentation takes place. This metamorphosis requires careful attention to be carried out and it is only a few months later that the distillation will take place, which will make fruit their quintessence in a brandy and bouquet of eaux-de-vie that will require many more months , sometimes long years of aging before being bottled and marketed.

Come and discover some thirty varieties of high-quality wild fruit and berry spirits, distilled and aged according to the traditional recipes of our valley, as well as artisanal liqueurs based exclusively on fruits and vegetables. eaux-de-vie, grading from 30 ° to 35 ° and having only 240 gr of sugar per liter.


The story of the Nusbaumer family


For generations, we were a boiler in the NUSBAUMER family; the creation of a traditional distillery in 1947 was the logical culmination that allowed to exploit commercially the knowledge acquired by centuries of practice.

Since the 2000s, Marianne and Christian WILLM, the daughter and son-in-law of Joseph Nusbaumer, founder of the distillery, manage the family business.

Currently the distillery has 15 employees.


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